Waiting at work to be able to go home :3. May not have my computer or tablet but I do have a pencil and paper. Also last episode of Gravity Falls just made me love the evil dorito man more.

Waiting at work to be able to go home :3. May not have my computer or tablet but I do have a pencil and paper. Also last episode of Gravity Falls just made me love the evil dorito man more.

About to head into work (blah) but in better news I have finally been feeling well enough to draw( had a few days off work in a row to relax). I got a couple things done that I had owed people and just got a couple more to finish. Once I get home tonight I will be drawing again like I have for the past 3 nights :3.

The Scrufferer’s Commissions


Hey guys. It’s the Scrufferer here. I’m posting commission prices because right now, I’m kinda struggling financially due to being in college and having no luck finding work currently. Below are my Commission prices. Please help any way that you can.



Sketches are $8.00 for one character and $2.00 more for each additional character.



Lineart is $10.00 per character. Each extra character is $5.00

Flat Colors


Flat colors are $15.00 for one character and each additional character is $10.00 each.



Shading is $20.00 for one character and each extra character is $15.00

Character Reference Sheets


Character reference sheets are $22.00 and please provide a quick reference of your character.

Digital Painting


Digital paintings are $30

Only rule: No NSFW

If you want me to draw an OC, please send a reference photo as an attatchment to your email when you tell me what you want

Please Email me at conorv95@gmail.com before making your purchace so I can approve it.

Do not pay until I approve it

Thank you so much for all of your help.

I feel like ranting a bit but would like to put everything in a “more under the break” kind of format. However, the phone app doesn’t give me that option.

A lot of real life issues have popped up and I have been staying off tumblr and skype trying to keep my head above water. It just seems every time Century and myself turn around something seems to pop up. Since last month it has seemed people keep quitting it calling out left and right. If it wasn’t for Century and Darjin offering me a room I am not sure where I would be.

I have been very thankful for them and even everyone on here, but I can’t help feeling like I have be come a burden to people. I have fallen so behind in all of my tasks that I have committed to working on, collabs for blogs, blogs them selfs, and most importantly commissions.

I don’t want any one to think I am trying to make a pity plea, because I honestly don’t wish to get attention or anything like that. I know I didn’t go into a lot of detail about what everything that has been keeping me off line, or all the thoughts that have been running threw my head, but this is the internet and I don’t even share everything with Century. I have never been one to open up because why burden people with my problems when they already have their own to deal with.

With that said I am sorry that I have not been on here. I am sorry I have fallen so behind on my work. I hope everyone can forgive me, and I would understand if the commissioners wanted a refund for how long it has been.

Now I have to put on a smile and click into work. So I will be back on here in a few hours.

I am waiting at work sketching so I only have my phone right now :3

Sorry for cat spam but just look at how cute they are. They clean each other, then Chernobyl will cuddle Odysseus while they sleep.

As of a couple days ago I am completely moved in, and my boys have settled right in thankfully. So far Century’s cats and mine haven’t had any fights, though some hissing has occurred, once they lay together again I will try to take a photo. But yis, moved in, things are set up, can get everything going again 

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Oh my Daemon i just wanted to know who are you in real life now i love you much more i always will be your friend And thanks for all the things you made here it's amazing and i know when is you birthday so yayy and thanks :-) :-D

But na really, thank you so much :3 I send internet hugs your way <3

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*random message* I like pie! :D

It’s a wonderful day for pie :D