I had an OCD moment at Walmart and straightened their pony display

Cuppie and myself joined Century and their boyfriend in the bearded mod images

Dang it guys this is why we can never go anywhere nice

Been without tablet pen

so opened my sketch book and did doodles of Toothy and a chibi Daemon

Was trying to come up with an outfit design for him. 

Tomorrow I head back to my place so I will have my pen back and can get started on images I owe people <3

Whelp I am a butt

I am up at my parents visiting for a bit. Thought I packed all of my computer and tablet stuff. I take the time to get out my computer and set it all up, plug in my tablet and then notice I left my tablet pen at my apartment >/. Good thing I planed on bringing up my sketchbook and a pen. Unfortunately this just means no digital sketches/drawings until Friday. 

In other news I officially turn 24 tomorrow, wooo.